AMG Merecedes-Benz Race Night


screen-shot-2016-08-24-at-6-06-27-amGet ready to start your engines! Come join us at race night powered by Mercedes Benz AMG!

In these classes you’ll test your fitness with a workout we call the ‘Saikel Fitness Ride’ and if your overly competitive you can compete against your fellow riders. Don’t worry we’ve leveled the playing field by calculating wattage per pound; simply put a 100lb female can beat the 200lb male if they are able to produce the equivalent wattage.

What to expect? The class begins with a 10 minute warm-up, followed by a 20 minute Fitness Test and finishes with a cool-down.

During the 20 minute Fitness Ride you are allowed to ride in any position. During the 20 minute ride, the only cues (other than motivation) that will be provided is what RPM range you must maintain.

The race is staged in 5 minute intervals shifting down from 90-100 rpms to 60-70 rpms

We also have stage bonuses; points will be awarded to top finishers at 3 minute mark as well as 10 minute mark. Not the fastest – don’t worry. You can also win entry ballots for selfies and random finishing places.

All ballots are entered into a draw made at the end of race night for a weekend with a free Merecedes-Benz AMG.

Call the studio to advance book and get ready to start your engines!

Next Race Night:  Dec 20th