Ride and Shine with Cari



Saikel instructor Cari knows how to kick start your morning on the right foot —she has always been a morning person. Cari loves the calm before the storm – also known as 11 year old daughter, 7 year old son, 120lbs Bullmastiff/Boxer puppy (no he really isn’t a puppy anymore) and husband. Read as Cari shares how she manages to actually get up at 5:05 AM each morning and start the day off right…..


How Does Your Morning Begin?

My morning routine actually starts the night before – prep/make my food for the next day; make coffee, always, and set it to come on just before I get home from teaching at Saikel. I need coffee in the morning but don’t have it before I workout – always after.

Then I pack my gym bag; lay out my clothes for morning class beside my bed; set my alarm twice – 5:05 and one for 5:10 am. I am always stressing that I won’t hear the first alarm, or it won’t go off, so I always have a second one set.

I also pick out what program and playlist I am going to use the next day. I try and have lights out by 10:00pm. Something new I have started doing is ignoring my phone at 9:30pm. It used to be that everytime I would hear my phone beep for a text/email or whatever, I would rush to pick it up and check. I am trying to break that habit of always being connected or busy. It is hard!

Alarm Time and Early Morning Rituals!

5:05 AM – Wake-up time!

Before I get out of bed, I always drink at least 2 cups of water (fill up my bottle and keep it right on my bedside table). I need that hydration first thing in the morning after 7 hours of sleep. It kickstarts my metabolism and it also helps in clearing toxins. Normally I wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off, so I am usually ready to jump out of bed. If I do wake up to my alarm, I usually feel like staying in bed a bit longer.

I only eat before teaching if I feel hungry when I wake up, which isn’t often. If I do eat, it is really easy, a small banana that I can take on the drive to Saikel. My only morning must have is BB cream! Smooths out any of those under eye circles and just gives a refreshed look, especially at 5:15AM!

Out the door by 5:25. On the drive I listen to music, usually the playlist I am using, LOUD! Gets me pumped up and I visualize the class and teaching. I love to get to the studio early, just so I can get everything set up without rushing before clients start arriving. Most clients leave quickly after a morning class, so I like to connect with them before class starts! I love getting asked questions about health, food and cycling or other forms of exercise and talking to others about how they stay healthy and motivated.

After Class!

After class I head back home to get ready for my day job and see my family quickly before I head off again. I always have coffee at this point, and a shake – kale, frozen mango or strawberry, coconut oil, mint leaves, chia seeds, protein power (always vanilla!) and coconut milk.

What’s the Secret?

I get comments a lot – “I don’t know how you get up so early, workout, take care of kids/family, work full-time and keep it together!” but I see many other people doing this too!

At Saikel, early morning classes are busy! It is all about being organized. I have worked out in the mornings since my youngest was 2 and I went back to work. I knew if I didn’t do it in the morning, I wouldn’t do it in the evening.

There was a time in my life where I was not healthy. I didn’t workout, didn’t eat properly and I didn’t feel good about myself. My husband introduced me to the gym (when I as 20) and it took off from there. Everything started to flow into this new way of living and I loved how I started to feel and mentally became a stronger person.

Today I am aware of how I feel when I am not looking after myself – don’t get me wrong, I still eat junk food (fav would be a Blizzard or McFlurry), desserts (anything cheesecake and caramel) and enjoy a gin and soda (or 3!) and wine, but it is in moderation.

A lot of my motivation today comes from seeing clients and friends improve on their fitness journey – that client who just started working out a few months ago and is seeing their improvement physically and hearing about how much more their strength has improved!

My journey is also about my kids. I want them to see that having a strong mind and body is key to being balanced, mentally and emotionally, I want them to learn healthy eating habits, workout to be strong, and hopefully carry that with them throughout their life.


You can join Cari at Saikel – Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6am or on the Weekends at 9am