It’s a Family Affair – Meet the Forbes family!



It’s a family affair – meet our Super Saikel members – The Forbes family!

Names/ Ages (kids)

Mike (46), Darla (44), Maddie (17), Emma Kate (12) and Sadie (10) . Sadie has not been to a class yet but we are hoping soon!

How did you hear about Saikel?

I (Darla) saw some things on Facebook advertising it. Two friends (Kathryn and Carolyn) both posted about teaching there and sent invitations to try it out and use the promo code. I had heard spin was a great workout and was looking to change things up so thought I would try it out. From there I started bringing my family members.

How often do you go?

Darla – I try for 5-6 times a week; Mike – 3 times/week, Maddie- once a week, Emma Kate – 3 times/month

How did the kids become involved?

Mike took Emma Kate to the Iviva event one Saturday and she really liked it. Maddie is always trying to get conditioned for basketball season and I kept telling her what a good workout it was so she decided to give it a try. The first time she came she did not believe me how intense it was and said she didn’t need to bring a towel to wipe sweat. Halfway through she had to use mine. And after she said, “Wow mom, you’re in good shape!” That was awesome! Since then she has slowly started bringing friends to come work out too. They like the competition!

Favorite class? Music? Songs?

I love all the classes. Emma Kate and Maddie both say their favourite class ever was Kathryn’s 40th birthday class. The music was amazing. We all love the themed music classes. Mike likes the classic throwback Thursday – we have a standing date for Thursday night at 8:00pm. We also really love the live DJ classes.

Favorite post Saikel snack?

Darla – I am never hungry after Saikel ; Mike – Mocha ice capp; The girls – smoothies

What did you do before? What else do you do as a family?

Our three girls all play basketball. Mike and I have had gym memberships at various places over the years. I have run 6 half marathons; Mike 2; we enjoy jogging together. When the girls were littler they would ride their bikes while we jogged. Maddie is contemplating running the MB half this year with me, so I’m looking forward to training together for that. Also, this summer in Banff/Canmore we got to do some amazing hiking together. We credited our Saikel workouts for being able to chug up Sulphur Mountain in Banff. Emma Kate was the fastest!

Fave quote?

I don’t know if this would be everyone’s favourite quote but I like to write it on our chalkboard and say this to the girls often: Throw kindness around like confetti.

We do have some favourite instructor catch phrases:

Kathryn- Let’s go team!
Taylor- Right here, right now (and we like the famous high five before )
Kirsten – Here comes peanut butter mountain
Amy – I want it sticky; give me a quarter
Carolyn – Left side higher than right (Watts)
Alexa – Is it raining in here?

Any competitions going on?

Mike always hopes to beat Dustin. And all of Maddie’s 17 year old friends always trash talk Mike and want to beat him. Mike and I both find the board very motivating. I always know who the next person ahead of me is and try to catch up.

Other facts: Mike has lost 10 pounds since starting at Saikel and I have lost some, but have gone down a clothing size!

Anything else?

One of our favourite things (beyond the workout) at the studio is the atmosphere there. It’s such a nice community and feels like the staff goes out of their way to know and encourage the clients. Lots of instructors call us by name – which is so lovely to feel known and be recognized. I’ve also gotten to know some of the other participants who are in the same classes as me (except I only know them by their screen names – LOL).

It’s a fun place to be!

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