2017 – We are Ready For You! Goals and Resolutions from Some of your Favourite Saikel Instructors and Front Desk Staff!



“My goal is to have healthy food ready for when I need something quick (like a lunch to take to school or work), that way I won’t default to some quick unhealthy snack food.”

– Payton

“I have a goal that has been on-going for years, because there will never be a perfect “number” or “amount” or anything like that, but I am mindful of it, always…give myself enough time. Enough time for important things like friends, family, studying, or professional work, and also for the silly things like enough time to get ready! Enough time to make a healthy dinner. Stop rushing!”

– Alexa

“My goal is to bring a Saikel class team to a total of 12kJ of energy, and to have a 6-pack before my wedding (Sept 2017) …..mmmmmmmmmm the last one sounds tough!”

– Denis

“I try to set aside some time on Sunday evening for myself to prepare in different ways for the upcoming week. My goal this year is to spend that time washing and prepping all my fruits and veggies for the upcoming week. I can do it mindlessly with a glass of wine in had, but it really helps set the tone for the rest of the week – and, really saves a lot of time. I would also like to run a 4:00hr marathon. I completed a marathon last year with sub-par training which translated to a sub-par time. My goal is to put in proper training and see that translate to a time I would be proud of.”

– Brit

“I want to practice being more mindful in 2017 in all that I do. Life gets so busy with two kids and their activities that I find myself just going through the motions to get through, and not being fully aware of the great, fun things going on around me!”
– Cari
“My goal is to plan my meals ahead of time so I don’t always have to run to the grocery store for ingredients.”
– Carolyn
“I would like to participate in and complete a triathlon. I want to be able to do a human flag on a pole. I want to learn Spanish.”

– JC
“Each year I set a new health and fitness goal to both expand my knowledge in the industry and challenge myself personally. In 2017 my goal is to enter my first Manitoba Marathon to help increase my cardio capacity and push myself in an area that has always been difficult for me, running.”

– Kristy
“My goals this year are to find balance and be present.”

– Melissa

“My goal for 2017 is to run the Lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon in 2 hours or less. I also want to encourage my friends and family to become more physically active.”

– Nicole

“Along with lots of little health routine goals (more water, stretching, etc), this year I want to become a better listener!”
– Kathryn

“My 2017 New Year Resolution is to keep up with my 2016 New Year Resolution – always be learnin’ and always be explorin’! In 2016 I made a strong effort to say yes to new opportunities, learn new skills, explore new grounds (close to home and far away), and put myself in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situations. 2017 will be a year of continued personal growth #YearOfYes2017”

– Olivia

“My goal for 2017 is to both eat healthier and become more consistently active.”

– Sean

“My goal for 2017 is to work on wellness skills that will help me not stress over the little things and things I cannot change. I resolve to welcome new experiences and challenge myself even when things feel uncomfortable.”

– Jenny

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